Michele Sagan ~ Book Award Judge

Michele Sagan is judging the Page Turner Book Award.

Michele Sagan is judging the Page Turner Book Award. Michele writes psychological thrillers and is represented by Jamie Cowen from The Ampersand Agency in the UK. Fun facts about her: she has four kids, three dogs, two sisters, and fortunately, only one husband. Her hobbies include riding big bikes and going on road trips.

Other not so fun facts: she has a degree and masters from the London School of Economics and was a student at both Curtis Brown Creative and the Faber Academy where she completed both their Six-Month Novel Writing Courses. She has written columns and articles for magazines and journals and won the London Books Fair's The Write Stuff 2018 competition.

Michele Sagan is also a freelance editor and knows how it feels to edit until your eyes bleed. She also knows how it is to be waist deep in the querying trenches. Hence, she has helped many published authors on editing their novels as well as on preparing authors for the submissions process. She provides feedback on manuscripts, assessing a novel's plot, characterization, point-of-view, world building, pacing and more.

I am looking for stories that are a little dark with strong voices that really draw me in. I believe characters should also be three-dimensional, able to portray their flaws just as much as their weaknesses.

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