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25 Pages + Query Letter Literary Agent Boot Camp Details

How would you like to have a literary agent look at your first 25 pages and give you an assessment? Here's how...

Agent Feedback on Your Plot

This Twenty-Five Page Boot Camp will help you to get a head-start with your novel. It's a hands-on event that provides personalized feedback on your story structure, plot and characterization.

Literary agent Karly Caserza (now Dizon) will give you a critique on your writing + on your query letter!

The most exciting part...if your chapters show promise, Karly may ask you for additional material.

Karly was a delight! Her feedback was invaluable. The time, commitment, and depth of thought Karly put into her comments helped make my revisions and my writing stronger, so I can move forward with confidence. I really benefited from getting a critique with Karly ~ Kim L

About Literary Agent Karly Caserza

Karly Caserza (now Dizon) is an Associate Agent with Fuse Literary Agency. She began her career in the publishing industry as a reader for Tricia Skinner at Fuse Literary. Her responsibilities quickly grew, and she was promoted to Literary Assistant, a role that also included a spot on the production team of Short Fuse.

Read more about Karly, one of our literary agents.

Boot Camp Includes

  • Personalized feedback on your writing project in a written critique from Karly.
  • Plus a written critique on your literary agent query letter



  1. When you have made your booking, we will send your submission, consisting of the first 25 pages of your manuscript + a query letter, to Karly.
  2. Karly will critique both and send it back to us.
  3. We will forward it on to you.

What To Prepare

Please submit a Word document with the following:

  • A4 Word document with the query letter on the first page then the beginning of the 25 pages on the second page.
  • In your query, ensure you have your book title and your genre. Ensure you are pitching your writing to an agent, either Karly or another so that Karly can critique how you approach the agent.
  • After your query letter, include a paragraph or two about specific elements you may be concerned about. This will help Karly to tackle the text and offer feedback on those particular concerns.
  • Double space the text and formatted appropriately.
  • No synopsis is needed.
  • Please also clarify what English they are using (US, UK, AUS, CAN) so Karly may better offer copy editing.
  • Save your document as - [Your Name - Book Title]. Example: [Paula Wynne - Flying Without Wings]


After you have submitted your booking and made your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. It is vitally essential that you save the email as a safe sender because we will send you details of where to submit your twenty-five pages + query letter. If you do not get this email shortly after your booking, check your junk box and if it's not in there, please contact us.

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