Coming Soon - Creating Characters In 7 Easy Steps

Creating Characters In 7 Easy Steps

When we create fictional characters, writers often get lost in the mind-boggling complications listed on the internet. So many blogs and writing advice sites give reams and reams of things you have to do to create a compelling character. What should you do first? Start with their name or their personality traits? Or perhaps go right to the guts of it and find their flaws? And then how to create their journey to show character growth with a dynamic arc?

With so much to do, it's easy to see how writers can get confused and get bogged down. This writer's workshop will teach you all the above but more important, you'll come away knowing how to 'Creating Characters In 7 Easy Steps' and you'll have a new character modelled and formed within 7 days! Then, you simply have to shove them off onto their journey (which you created on this workshop) and make sure they stumble along the way and fall over lots of hurdles as they come across challenges and buckets of conflict.

Who Should Attend?

  • Writers just starting out in their writing journey who want to understand the basics of developing a compelling character
  • Established writers and authors who are struggling to make their characters more engaging with readers
  • More advanced writers who want a road map to create unforgettable characters in quick and easy steps

What You Will Learn

  • The step-by-step construction of creating a convincing fictional character
  • How starting from one emotional extreme and building to its opposite has the greatest impact
  • The importance of giving your protagonist a real dilemma
  • The power of creating a flawed character
  • How to use the plot to “slam” your protagonist with the very thing they’re hiding from
  • How you can use themes to make your character’s journey as dramatic as possible

Should you be creating characters without this knowledge?!


Coming Soon!

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