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Blaze – The Ultimate Writing Software

Create your characters, develop your plot, build your world, and write your story with our all-in-one web application.

Campfire Blaze offers a free tier, a subscription option, and a lifetime purchase option for those writers who hate subscriptions.

They release two updates a month adding new features, and they’re building a desktop and mobile applications that will release in 2021.

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Campfire’s YouTube channel covers the craft of writing. They’re building up toward a playlist of videos on character development, plotting, world building, and publishing.

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In Campfire's podcast, you’ll get a glimpse into what it’s like to write a book and be part of a writing group. Every episode, the hosts discuss their novels and give feedback.

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A hub of information about stories – how to plan them, how to tell them, and how they’re being told around the world. Campfire produces new posts every other Monday.

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