Win A Free Copy Of Pimp My Site

Win A Free Copy Of Pimp My Site

Authors and Writers ~ Win A Free Copy Of Pimp My Site! Founder of Page Turner Awards, Paula Sheridan (who writes under the pen name of Paula Wynne) is offering 50 writers and authors a free copy of her bestselling book published by Wiley-Capstone, Pimp My Site.

Pimp My Site's easy digital marketing guide is an online toolkit to learn how to optimize a website, promote your website's content, market and publicize a website or book business.

This down-to-earth book is a practical guide using insider tools to raise your website’s profile, attract media attention, harness your industry expertise and drive traffic to your online business. Author entrepreneurs who see the benefit of some sound ‘Do It Yourself’ advice, will benefit from learning how to optimize their website to get readers coming to find their books and join their mailing lists.

How To Pimp Your Website

Pimp My Site is a complete course in do-it-yourself digital marketing in 14 bite-sized lessons. From keywords and YouTube to search marketing and optimization, Pimp My Site, offers much for beginners and advanced users alike.

See the fantastic list of contributing experts, who have generously given their time to share their experience, advice, and knowledge on the various chapters in the book.

Learn About Digital Marketing

What you'll learn when you read this book
* Planning your PR and Marketing
* Keywords and search engine optimization
* Search Marketing and how to become Google’s No 1
* PR and how to promote your site with PR tools
* Using Awards and sponsorships to raise awareness
* Other PR strategies to drive traffic to your site
* Marketing and maximizing online strategies
* Social Media and how to interact with your audience

Pimp My Site Chapters

These digital marketing topics are covered in the chapters in Pimp My Site:
* Digital Marketing
* Keywords
* Keyword Tools
* Search Engine Optimization
* Marketing Tools
* Online Marketing
* Video Marketing
* Social Media
* Social Media Tools
* PR
* PR Tools
* Email Marketing
* Email Marketing Tools

Easy To Learn Search Engine Optimization

This easy to understand digital marketing guide that focuses on how to optimize your website is also jam-packed with:
* To-Dos
* Pros and Cons
* Bulleted lists
* Checklists
* Questions to ask
* Dos and Don’ts
* Expert’s advice

How To Win Pimp My Site

50 winners will be chosen to receive a free copy. You will only have to pay for the postage, you will not pay for the book. When the winners are chosen, they will be sent an email asking to send a self-addressed, self-stamped postage envelope to a certain address. When that arrives, your free copy of Pimp My Site will be posted to you.

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