Editor Feedback and Editing

The Page Turner Awards recommends that you use this unique optional extra to get development feedback on your creative work before you submit your entry. We also suggest you get your 10 pages copy edited to ensure it has the best chance in front of our judges. See some testimonials from entrants who took up our editing optional extra.

Editing Closure

The editing offer mentioned below is now closed. However, we are leaving this page open so future entrants can see this unique editing offer as no other writing awards offer this!

David had this to say about the 2020 entrants who took up this offer in the 2020 awards:

I'd like to thank Page Turner Awards entrants for such a high level of interest in these editing services. Unfortunately these have had to be worked in around unexpected coronavirus lockdown childcare commitments and so I've now reached capacity for these editing services for this year's competition and am unable to accept any more bookings. I've seen a wide range of interesting and exciting writing and I'm sure it's going to be a great competition, so please let me wish you all the very best with your Page Turner Awards entries. ~ David Imrie, Page Turner Awards editor.

David Imrie Bio

David Imrie is a UK native, specialist novel editor living in and working freelance from Galicia in the north-west of Spain.

David comes with a good level of education, a degree from Oxford University, and also a wide variety of life experience, plus he brings a useful range of background knowledge to any edit.

We have used David for editing in the past, and we are pleased he is offering this service to our entrants.

Watch what David has to say about why an author needs an editor.

Editing and Feedback Deadline

The editing and feedback optional extra will only be available to book in March and April and will not be available in May. This is to give David time to give you feedback and work on any editing you may require. There will not be enough time in May before the awards close for you to use this editing and feedback optional extra so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. If David gets too busy, he reserves the right to halt this offer at any time during March and April.

The Difference Between Editing and Feedback

Basic development edit (£20 for 3000 words max)
A development (aka structural) edit takes a broad looks at the novel from the points of view of plot, characterisation (and point of view), consistency and plausibility - in a nutshell, does the book work, and how could it be better? It also takes in pace, dialogue and voice to look at the style of the book and how it can be made more focused and engaging.

Whilst a 3000 word limit does put some constraints on this kind of edit (plot development and character transitions normally won't become clear in such a small sample), this edit will provide an experienced, professional viewpoint on what works and what doesn't, and why. It will also offer ideas for how to solve the major issues identified, so as well as giving an honest appraisal of how your work is likely to be received by the awards judges it will provide some valuable pointers for how to make improvements.

Copy edit (£25 for 3000 words max)
A copy (aka line) edit focuses on the actual text itself. Spelling and grammar will be checked and corrected (using MS Word tracked changes - the author can then accept/reject these), but this edit will also spot incorrect verb tense usage, repeated words (especially adjectives, adverbs, verbs), peculiar word choice, and sentences which are overly long or confusing and break the flow. It will ensure (within reason! ...and without replacing the author's voice) that the standard of your manuscript is high level, literary UK native English.

Development and copy edit - £40

How To Book Your Edit and Feedback

When you click on the 'buy now' button shown below for one of the two edit options you will make a payment to our editor using Paypal. When this payment is received you will (within 1-2 days) receive an email to the address linked to the payment from our editor containing instructions for how to send your manuscript (in MS Word format) to the editor and an approximate date that the edit will be completed by.

All edits are delivered using email and unfortunately it is not possible for the editor to enter into follow-up dialogue regarding edits.

  1. This Editing Option will be shown as an extra when you make your entry submission payment.
  2. Select the Award category or categories that you want to enter, this being either the Writing Award or the eBook Award.
  3. Register on the site
  4. When you have logged in, select an Award Membership Package
  5. Choose any additional optional extras including these editing options shown above
  6. Pay your fee
  7. Submit using your logged in 'My Dashboard'
  8. Claim your editing through your 'My Dashboard'

Editing Testimonials

"My development edit was done quickly. David's service was excellent and I received very constructive feedback." ~ Anttimatti Pennanen

"David was great! Feedback was helpful and worth the money! The feedback he provided on the first 10 pages, I’m now applying to the rest of the book." ~ Anna Christine

"I have found David’s comments and feedback very constructive and helpful. He not only highlights areas that may be improved but also offers suggestions that may enrich the story. I was particularly impressed by his insights and links to related information and authors. This helped me view the writing in other contexts and perspectives. Above all I found David’s feedback very encouraging, which is so helpful when entangled in the uncertainties of writing." ~ Chris Before

"The editing service was incredibly valuable! For me, it was the first time I had a professional look at my work. I was nervous but thrilled to have the opportunity. David provides the perfect feedback with kindness and direction. I wish I had the money, and he had the time to go through the entire book. I learned a lot from his edits and I am working to carry them through the remainder on my own." ~ Larae Mitchell

"This is the first time I have used an editor. I was very happy with David’s editing service. He made some valuable suggestions, which I implemented, and I’ve had an idea for adding a little foreshadowing." ~ Thomas Greenbank

"David's critique was helpful. His comments showed he had carefully read my work and his suggestions were thoughtful. He balanced praise and criticism in a way that was not patronizing and gave me insight into other possible approaches to the beginning of my novel. I wouldn't mind working with him again. One of the best critiques I've received to date!" ~ William Kaufmann

"David's edits were thorough and focused on making my book more attractive to literary agents. I am impressed by his attention to detail and commercial approach." ~ Helen Abbott

"David was very good and extremely helpful, it totally turned my first 3000 words into something that made sense. I now need to work on the rest of my book using his advice and guidance." ~ Mick Crowe

Feedback on Page Turner Awards' Editing Service

"I found Page Turner's offer of an editing service very helpful. I have not used an editor before and this provided an easy introduction to the service. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the editor and will use his service again." ~ Chris Before

"It was a pleasure to work with David and the editing services were great value for money. His feedback was thorough and commercial. It goes without saying that my entry to the PTA is much improved thanks to his efforts. Even if I don't win, the experience has made me really think about the rest of the book and do a ton of rewriting to make it more saleable. I have recommended David to friends and would like to work with him again in the future. It has been a great experience simply submitting my work to the Awards, and I feel that what I have learned from it easily justifies the entry fee. Thank you very much for this opportunity." ~ Helen Abbott