Florida Mum Hoping Her Book On Helping People With Addictions Will Win Award

Mum of three, Dr. Donna Marks from Palm Beach, Florida has written her experiences into a book and hoping it will win an award through Page Turner Awards.

Having faced addiction from a lifetime of personal and professional experiences, Marks has completed her mission to teach others how to exit the maze of addiction - forever.

After more than thirty years in the field of mental health and addiction, Marks realized treatment was not enough and why it often failed. Her book Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure is testimony to her passion for helping people with addictions.

Marks has entered the Page Turner Awards, where writers and authors of published and unpublished fiction and non-fiction from all genres can enter their writing to get discovered by high-profile judges from the literary world and film industry.

Marks hated being a child in a family with addiction. She feared becoming addicted, to just about everything. She hated having children with addictions. When she became a therapist, she couldn't believe that most of her patients had addictions. She felt cursed.

Thinking therapy and spirituality would solve her problems, but after 20 years, she wasn't any better. She was 20 years into her psychotherapy practice and personal sobriety when she realized the current treatment methods are inadequate - people don't stay sober and if they do, most are never happy. She was disillusioned and felt she had been doomed to a life of addiction-hell.

Marks gave up! She rebelled against everything she'd learned. She relapsed. One night after yelling at God for failing, she had two spiritual realizations. It wasn't God that didn't love her, she didn't love herself.

That's when she realized every addiction in her life had been a substitute for love and that love is the only cure. The second realization was that she was here for a reason and a purpose and that all of her life experiences had prepared her for that mission. She realized she had been so blind and was ready to embrace her mission.

With that, everything changed. Her book won eight awards. Her ability to help patients took her practice to another level, and her personal relationships blossomed.

Most important, she found herself waking up happy every morning, excited about helping people who are addicted.

Marks said, “I’ve entered the Page Turner Book Award to give me additional help in reaching other people who are suffering and want to find peace.”

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid and Campfire, offers writers the chance to enter the first 10 pages of a completed, unpublished fiction or non-fiction manuscript, where a group of literary agents will read the work. And for screenwriters to enter their screenplay to be judged by film producers who are looking for scripts to produce.

Last year three writers won a literary agent, five writers won a publishing deal, and thirteen independent authors won an audiobook production.

This year, Page Turner Awards has five award categories namely, a Writing Award for unpublished, completed manuscripts, a Young Writer Award, for writers aged between 18 and 25, a Writing Mentorship Award, for uncompleted manuscripts, a Screenplay Award for scriptwriters with a completed screenplay and a Book Award, for authors with a published book, mainstream or independently published

Find out how you too can enter your writing into The Page Turner Awards: https://pageturnerawards.com. Submissions are open until 31 May 2021.