Holistic Dog Groomer Hoping Her Expertise Book Will Win Award

Stephanie Zikmann holistic dog groomer hoping to win a book award

Mum of two boys, Stephanie Zikmann from Kilmarnock who works as a Holistic Dog Groomer, Trainer and Behaviourist (for dogs that is) has written her experiences into a book and hoping it will win an award through Page Turner Awards.

The Magic of Holistic Grooming is a no-nonsense guide on how to ‘pawsitively’ groom your dog with less stress.

Stephanie has entered the Page Turner Awards, where writers and authors of published and unpublished fiction and non-fiction from all genres can enter their writing to get discovered by high-profile judges from the literary world and film industry.

Why This Story? Grooming is often mistaken for professional styling, yet grooming is in fact an ancient practice carried out by all species of the Animal Kingdom as a way to preserve health and well-being, and to strengthen social structures within family units. Stephanie believes that taking a "wholesome" approach will help to bring her industry up to date with science and provide all dog guardians with a resource that will encourage them to utilize the benefits of grooming their dogs at home. By unveiling the myths of grooming, Stephanie wanted to take her readers through an emotional journey that taps into history, the law and science to raise the bar and grant the industry the recognition it deserves.

Stephanie said, “It has been a childhood dream of mine to write a book, and I feel so very blessed to be able to say that I have authored something that reflects my love and adoration for dogs. They truly are the greatest teachers.”

Readers of The Magic of Holistic Grooming will learn how to incorporate a truly holistic approach in the care of their beloved canines to not only preserve health and wellbeing but enhance the bond within the family unit too.

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid and Campfire, offers writers the chance to enter the first 10 pages of a completed, unpublished fiction or non-fiction manuscript, where a group of literary agents will read the work. And for screenwriters to enter their screenplay to be judged by film producers who are looking for scripts to produce.

Last year three writers won a literary agent, five writers won a publishing deal, and thirteen independent authors won an audiobook production.

This year, Page Turner Awards has five award categories namely, a Writing Award for unpublished, completed manuscripts, a Young Writer Award, for writers aged between 18 and 25, a Writing Mentorship Award, for uncompleted manuscripts, a Screenplay Award for scriptwriters with a completed screenplay and a Book Award, for authors with a published book, mainstream or independently published

Stephanie is available for interviews on how to groom a dog in a holistic way and for writing guest blog posts. She is also asking people from Kilmarnock to please give feedback on her entry here: https://pageturnerawards.com/book-award-2021/the-magic-of-holistic-grooming

Find out how you too can enter your writing into The Page Turner Awards: https://pageturnerawards.com. Submissions are open until 31 May 2021.