Lowestoft housewife Tells Little Known Historical Story of British Fighting in the Pacific

Lowestoft housewife Tells Little Known Historical Story of British Fighting in the Pacific

Lowestoft housewife, Victoria Short, is hoping to be discovered as a writer with her historical fiction stories The Forgotten Fleet and Puddles Through Time.

Victoria has entered the Page Turner Awards, where published and unpublished fiction and non-fiction from all genres can enter their writing to get discovered by high-profile judges from the literary world.

In particular, Victoria is hoping that The Forgotten Fleet catches the eye of the LA Film Scout who is one of the judges.

Why The Forgotten Fleet? Victoria’s granddad Les Dodge kept a day by day diary of his time as a stoker on HMS Whelp, recalling harrowing battles and cheeky antics of shore leave. Few people know what the British forces did for the Americans in their fight against Japan. In stories told and films made there is never any mention of the British and Commonwealth fighting in the Pacific. Victoria wants to give credit where credit is due.

Victoria’s Granddad Les fought with Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh. They appear to be the only surviving members of HMS Whelp. Victoria wrote to Prince Phillip, who said his time on HMS Whelp brought back many memories.

Victoria said: “Not many people know why the first English civil war started, and this story gives a little insight to why and how.”

And why her other story, Puddles Through Time? The story is Historical Fiction blended with Time Travel and is about two soulmates who lost through time, and one always has to find the other.

Victoria says she loves history and the idea of time travel and decided to combine the two in one genre.

Victoria would love to have the Lowestoft supporting her. Readers can vote for her book and add any constructive feedback to her story, thus helping her improve her chances of getting noticed by the judges.

Lowestoft and Suffolk residents can vote and comment on The Forgotten Fleet here: https://pageturnerawards.com/non-fiction/forgotten-fleet and comment on Puddles Through Time here: https://pageturnerawards.com/romance-historical-sweet-western/puddles-t…

Victoria added: “By entering I hope to get representation from an agent. This story was short-listed down to the last 100 at BAFTAS new writers. I would like these men’s stories told. As Prince Phillip said to me, he too would love this story to be dramatized on the small screen. If I win, I would love to see the first episode filmed.”

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, writers and authors the chance to enter unpublished or published fiction and non-fiction books, where a group of literary agents will read the work. Two writers are guaranteed to be published.

Hopefully, with feedback and votes from Lowestoft and Suffolk residents, Victoria will be in with a chance to win the awards.

Find out more about The Page Turner Awards: https://pageturnerawards.com. Submissions are open until 30 June 2020.