Sci-Fi Mum Hopes For A Film Deal

Sci-Fi Mum Hopes For A Film Deal

Kay Bowser from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, United States is hoping a film scout will discover her Sci-Fi, Dystopian and Futuristic eBook, The Serum Genesis.

Kay has entered the Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, allows writers of published and unpublished fiction and non-fiction from all genres to enter their writing with the hope of getting discovered by high-profile judges from the literary world. In particular, she is hoping that a film scout will be hooked by her story and help her get it produced into a film.

Kay is a born and raised Nebraskan. She was home-schooled for many years and finished her high school period in a private school at First Baptist School, Plattsmouth. She is a homebody introvert with a strong desire to go on adventures of all kinds. The best way that she has found to satisfy that urge without becoming bug and critter food is through reading and her writing.

Why The Serum Genesis? Since her young adult years, Kay has been craving an epic, clean and unique sci-fi plot with special abilities involved. She said the story is a young adult sci-fi action and adventure for fans of Captain America and the X-men. With the help of an unlikely accomplice, a young woman must find answers about her father – who she thought was dead.

Kay would love to have Plattsmouth and Bellevue locals supporting her. Readers can vote for her book and add any constructive feedback to the story, thus helping her improve her chances of getting noticed by the judges. Residents can vote and comment here:…

Kay said, “If I win, I hope to provide many new readers with epic, clean fiction starting with The Serum Genesis!”

Kay is a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, living a hectic version of her dream life. She believes that The Page Turner Awards is a great opportunity. Through this avenue, she wishes to better her art and provide many more readers with epic, clean fiction starting with The Serum Trilogy.

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, gives writers and authors the chance to enter unpublished or published fiction and non-fiction books, where a group of literary agents will read the work. Two writers are guaranteed to be published.

Hopefully, with feedback and votes from local residents, Kay will be shortlisted or win the eBook Award.

Find out more about The Page Turner Awards: Submissions are open until 30 June 2020.