Enter Writing Contests To Win A Literary Agent

Enter Writing Contests To Win A Literary Agent

Many writers don't realize that they can jump a literary agent's queue by entering a writing competition or writing contest. Same thing, just a different way of expressing that the writer enters chapters of their writing to be judged by a panel of literary experts in the hope of getting their work discovered. There aren't many writing contests out there that offer this exciting way of getting your writing discovered but Page Turner Awards is the one you want to watch!


Success stories from this year’s awards include three writers winning literary representation, five writers winning a writing mentorship, five writers winning a publishing contract, 2 Indie Authors winning a publicity campaign and thirteen Indie Authors winning an audiobook production.

Literary Agency Representation

Three writers have received literary agent representation

  • Mark Stibbe is now represented by Yasmin Kane
  • Elizabeth Goodhue is now represented by Kizzy Thomson
  • Min Day is also represented by Yasmin Kane after joining our Literary Agent Boot Camp

Literary Agency Review

Another four have had their full manuscript requested by literary agents, which hopefully will lead to agency representation. We can't reveal who these are because this is confidential while the literary agents view their work. Hopefully this will lead to these writers being represented by these literary agents. Warm wishes and best of luck to these writers!

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Better still, check out the fantastic judging panel of literary agents and publishers who are actively seeking writers to represent and get published.