Online Business Aids Writers To Get Discovered

ProWritingAid Editing Software

Online computing has transformed how writers get their stories out into the world. While internet companies face huge pressures to meet rising demand for online services, ProWritingAid offers writers, at the click of a button, instant access to an online editor.

ProWritingAid is revolutionizing the modern editing process. With writing reports that go way beyond just grammar, ProWritingAid helps writers and authors to strengthen their writing and get their ideas across more clearly.

Each report focuses on a particular area of your writing. Some reports provide quick fixes that allow you to polish up a short piece of writing. Other reports go in depth and reveal areas where you can do more to improve your writing

This forward-looking technology business is now supporting an exciting initiative, The Page Turner Awards, to help new authors get their stories out into the world.

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, will change writing careers. Two different awards, the Writing Award and the eBook Award, aim to help writers and authors to get discovered. Writers and authors will have access to experts from the literary world.

The Page Turner Writing Award offers writers and authors the chance to enter the first 10 pages of a completed, unpublished fiction or non-fiction manuscript, where a group of literary agents will read the work.

With the help of ProWritingAid and The Page Turner Awards, one writer is guaranteed a publishing deal! Plus, there is a chance for other writers to receive a publishing offer through one of the literary agents on the judging panel.

The Page Turner eBook Award is for any published fiction and non-fiction books, which will be read by the judging panel of literary experts and film scouts.

Winners of the eBook Award will receive a chance to secure film rights for their book plus receive valuable publicity campaigns by Palamedes PR in the UK and PR for Writers in the USA. One lucky eBook winner will win an Audiobook Production consisting of a seven-hour book production worth £1500, all-inclusive.

Head of Marketing at ProWritingAid, Lisa Lepki said, “There are so many exceptional authors out there whose voices aren't being heard. We are thrilled to support initiatives like the Page Turner Awards that help new authors get their stories out into the world.”

The Awards’ £20K prize fund features a vast array of individual prizes, which includes a Screen and Television Adaptation Report, The Novel Factory Writing Software, the Writing Academy‘s Author's Success Bundle, the Ultimate Fantasy Writer’s Guide, a lifetime license for editing software from ProWritingAid and the chance to be mentored by successful writing mentors.

There is no monetary value on the ultimate prize of a writer being represented by a literary agent and going on to be published! Nor is there value on the possibility of a production company optioning a winning book for film rights. These are priceless writing treasures that our entrants will have the chance of securing.

Find out how you too can enter your manuscript or book into The Page Turner Awards: Submissions open from 28 February until 31 May 2020.