Win A One Stop For Writers 1 Year Subscription

Win A One Stop For Writers 1 Year Subscription

Become a master storyteller! With the right tools, your writing career can soar. Spellbinding worlds, unforgettable characters, and powerful storytelling are just a click away. With this prize you will get access to the full One Stop library—including all tools, thesaurus collections, generators, tutorials, and more—with a 1-year subscription package.


  • Character Builder
  • Scene Maps
  • Thesauruses
  • Timelines
  • Idea Generator
  • Worksheets
  • Worldbuilding
  • Story Maps
  • Tutorials
  • Tip Sheets

Don't let writing struggles limit your potential

TROUBLE ORGANIZING YOUR RESEARCH? Create folders for your projects in My Workspace, then use them to store your saved character profiles, worksheets, story maps, thesaurus notes, bookmarked generator ideas, and other items. Organization made easy!

STUCK WITH FLAT OR INAUTHENTIC CHARACTERS? The Character Builder assists you in building realistic and layered characters by integrating One Stop's complete thesaurus collection, idea generators, and other resources into one handy characterization tool.

WRITER'S BLOCK KEEPING YOU FROM FINISHING? If your characters paint themselves into corners or you need to rescue a malfunctioning plot, the idea generator is a non-stop source of inspiration for deepening characters and layering stories with conflict and intrigue.

OVERWHELMED WITH WORLDBUILDING? The customized world-building tools and tutorials can help you build rich, layered worlds that your readers won't want to leave.

DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE? One Stop's signature thesaurus collection is the largest description database of its kind. With its help, you can design and write breakout characters, settings, and more—all while turning yourself into a Show-Don't-Tell ninja.

CONFUSED BY STORY STRUCTURE? Whether you pants or plot, story maps, scene maps, and drag-and-drop timelines make story-boarding, outlining, and character arc planning so easy it’s almost criminal.

Prize Value: $90

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