Doing a thorough self-edit with ProWritingAid will drastically improve your chances of winning a writing award.

The judges only see one chapter of your work, so that chapter has to be awesome.

With so few words, any mistakes or issues will be glaringly obvious. A grammar error or awkwardly constructed sentence could be the difference between a judge reading (and loving) your submission or placing it aside.

The judges aren't only judging your writing; they're judging your editing, too.

ProWritingAid has all the tools you need to edit your entry like a pro. It notices errors you've missed and helps you spot your individual writing quirks like repeated and vague words.

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Editing with ProWritingAid will give your entry the best possible chance of winning.

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replace adverbs with stronger verbs

Better Writing in Less Time

Improve your writing quickly and efficiently with 1000s of grammar, spelling and readability improvements delivered in real-time as you write.

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Better Integrations Save You Time

ProWritingAid easily integrates with MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and Final Draft, so you can edit wherever you write.

Their browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari let you check your writing on almost every website, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, Wattpad and more.

Prowriting intergrations with other software

ProWritingAid is so much more than just a grammar checker.