Virginie Bonfils-Bedos

​French-born, I moved to London twenty years ago​. I discovered ​there ​my writer’s voice​ and love of storytelling​. A passionate reader ​of all kinds of literature,​ I like creating in different genres for books and screenplays- both in French and English (why not?).​

I first wrote The Fog Chronicles collection, a work of speculative fiction composed of six serialised novels published in two volumes: Gatekeepers, and its sequel, Horizons. Currently in editing is Résilience, a French novel based on a true story in the 1940’s in the South of France. ​A conventional young woman falls in love with a brilliant, free-thinking lawyer opposing the Nazis in Court. Betrayed, the Gestapo sends him to the death camps. While he fights for his survival, she sets on a different path of resistance and a quest for answers. Upon his return, they face a hard choice, which is the ultimate test for their relationship: personal justice versus integrity.​ ​

​A ​decade ago​,​ a film director asked me to ​read and comment on a script​​, and then rewrite it. I ​was immediately hooked on screenwriting. I have since adapted my books into TV Series screenplays: Gatekeepers is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure thriller, and Backbone is the TV drama version of my 1940’s novel. Besides the TV Series, ​I am also collaborating with directors and production companies for several feature films: Siam​-​ a Thai thriller blending action and mystery, The Wife​ ​Collector​-​ the moving story of the most married man in the UK, and, last but certainly not least, Turkish Delights​-​ a thriller ​that takes place in the glamourous Istanbul​ and its dark underbelly​.

I plan to surprise, thrill, and move any of my readers with many more books and screenplays.​ Stories must be told.​

Screenplay Type
TV Series
When a brilliant lawyer opposing the Nazis faces the death camps, his wife sets her own resistance. Both must make a choice between personal justice and integrity, or together they will not survive. Based on a true story.
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