Nick Walsh Walsh

Nick wrote his first screenplay over 20 years ago using Syd Field's book as a reference and it won 2nd Place Runner-up at the Austin Film Festive. He didn’t write another until he retired from the construction business five years ago and got a Master Screenwriter Certificate after attending ScreenwritingU. He has since written four more and all have placed in contests, the most recent being a finalist in ISA’s ScreenCraft TV Pilot 2021 contest. He is a patented inventor and problem solver, and is not afraid to throw away his "darlings" with the bath water if it will improve a script. His life’s experiences and dealing with an array of personalities in business inform him when he creates unique characters. True story: He once prevented a murder by interceding and convincing a Mafia hitman not to kill the hitman's ex-wife’s lover. Hmm, could be a movie there.

Screenplay Type
TV Series
The saga of a vigilante priest during the Great Irish Potato Famine. The Irish equivalent to ROOTS.
Cryin' Times
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