CamCaddell & Kendall Ruhnow

Since their meeting as teenage theater nerds nearly ten years ago, Cam Caddell and Kendall Ruhnow have been best friends and creative partners. Their collaboration has spanned novels, scripts, and the rush of combined minor social media fame. Lucent has also received accolades from Scriptapalooza and the Austin Film Festival. 

Cam Caddell has been writing comedy since she started a sketch series with her sisters, ‘3 Ginger Sisters’. When she is not writing screenplays and agonizing over the perfect joke, Cam is a showrunner and an actor, working in a range from short films to streaming services. She also likes long walks on the beach. And probably you. But definitely your dog. You can internet stalk her everywhere at @itscamcaddell. 

Kendall Ruhnow has been writing for as long as they could figure out how to hold a pencil. Since then, they have written shorts stories, scripts, and novels based on all things mystical, supernatural, and ethereal. In the spare time they aren’t planted in their latest story, they are an avid reader, and mastermind behind Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Further adventures of Kendall’s nerdom and ‘mad writer's' stream of consciousness can be found across the internet at @irlkendallr. 

Screenplay Type
TV Series
Hope has risen from the dead. Again. Which would be more helpful if Alessa, leader of an immortal group of warriors, hadn’t made today’s death a combo meal of temperamental powers, history's most Daedalean love triangle, and literal deals with the devil. All for the low, low price of her memories!
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