Geoff Hill Hill

Geoff is a critically acclaimed bestselling author and award-winning journalist based in Belfast.
He's won multiple national and international awards for feature and travel writing.
In a previous life, he was Ireland's most capped volleyball player and a much younger man.
He’s a motorbike columnist for the Daily Mirror and previously the Sunday Times, although his columns are a desperate attempt to disguise the fact that he knows bugger all about motorbikes.
He’s also the editor of Microlight Flying magazine, in spite of the fact that he knows even less about aeroplanes than he does about motorbikes.
He’s the author of 18 books, including three novels and bestselling bike adventure books about epic journeys from Delhi to the UK, Chile to Alaska and around Australia.
For his latest adventure book, In Clancy’s Boots, he recreated the journey of Carl Stearns Clancy, the first person to take a motorbike around the world 100 years ago – complete with the original boots Clancy wore on that trip.
He’s either won or been shortlisted for a UK travel writer of the year award nine times. He's also a former Irish, European and world travel writer of the year, UK feature writer of the year and Northern Ireland features journalist of the year three times.
He lives in Belfast with his wife Cate, a cat called Cat, a hammock and the ghost of a flatulent Great Dane. His hobbies are volleyball, flying, motorbikes, tennis, skiing and worrying about the price of fish.

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Butler’s son Max falls in love in 1914 with Kumiko, Japanese bride of major who owns the estate, becomes a war hero, and returns to find he has accidentally killed the major and is free to love Kumiko.
The Butler's Son
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