Grant Eustace

The screenplay of one feature-length true story, "Treason", is under contract to a company that was closely involved with "The King's Speech". A second, "The Tinman", is being moved towards production by the great-grandson of the central character. Four others, as well as four fictional pieces, are being considered in places like InkTip and ISA. I have been a professional writer for many years, initially writing plays, series and serials for BBC Radio and stations outside the UK (most recent broadcast last year). I subsequently wrote both drama and documentary scripts in the corporate audiovisual sector - some 350 to date, including sixteen international prizewinners.

Screenplay Type
Film Script
The extraordinary true story of what was intended by religious extremists to be the most spectacular political assassination of all time, the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, where the core of the plan was to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London while the King and his entire government were inside.
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