Chaitania Hein Hein

Chaitania Hein is a performance artist, writer, director, therapist, and teacher. She started her professional career in Opera Ballet at age 14. She attended RADA, London, the Herbert Burghof School of Acting, NY, and has performed on Broadway and in Summer Stock Theatre. She then studied Directing and was granted by the government to start and run her own Theater and Dance Company and has for the last 30 years. Chaitania was on the Dance faculty of Cornish College of the Arts. She also holds a Masters's in Psychology. In 2014, she graduated from the Seattle Film Institute with a certificate in Screenplay Writing.

In May 2018, she adapted her screenplay, Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era, for the stage, which was wildly successful. Chaitania Hein is an inspiration to her audiences, clients, and students.

New York Screenplay Contest, 2019 - Award Winner
GRACE International. Film Festival, 2019 - Official Selection
North Europe International Film Festival - London Edition, 2019 - Official Selection
Courage Film Festival, 2019 - Finalist
All Genre Screenplay Contest, 2020 - Official Selection
London International Screenwriting Competition, 2020 - Semi-Finalist
Meraki Film Festival, 2021 - Finalist

Screenplay Type
Film Script
In the Hitler Youth, Ursula from Berlin subscribed to, “The Fuhrer leads, we follow!” Constance is Ursula’s inspiration to tell her story of indoctrination. After the war, Ursula experienced starvation, rape, and shame for her country’s deeds. Through conversations, Ursula hoped for redemption.
Ursula and Our Conversations, the Nazi era
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