Danielle Singleton

Danielle Singleton has been writing and telling stories her whole life. She finished her first novel, Safe & Sound, while attending Harvard Law School. After a busy career as a corporate attorney, Danielle is now a full-time writer. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and has published seven novels, including a #1 Bestseller in Hispanic-American fiction. Danielle’s first six books are all in the murder-mystery/thriller genre. For her seventh book, Danielle decided to do something completely different and wrote a romance! Every Star in the Sky was published in September 2021.

Although she often writes scary stories, Danielle doesn’t read scary stories because they give her nightmares. She is also fluent in Spanish, is ambidextrous, and was an All-American lacrosse player.

Danielle is currently working on her 8th book. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

Award Category
America's blood supply is supposed to be secure. But what would happen if it weren't? If a serial killer decided to hijack the tens of thousands of blood transfusions that occur daily, spreading an illness that killed everyone it touched?
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