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Destined to become Queen of the Fairies, Fate has decreed that Faylinn needs to create her realm with the help of her Prince, Hipponian. But, unrelentingly, The Slayer has her in his sights until the final battle reveals the true Queen of the Fairies.
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Faylinn’s father finds a silver box containing many magical items, potions and a wand, along with many artefacts, plus the knowledge of an Elf Prince, Hipponian her future husband. All are clues, to Faylinn’s Fairy origins, as has been prophesied by the Gods.

One born to the Gods, but fostered by humans as a baby, FAYLINN. The other, Elf Prince, HIPPONIAN, born into a magical family.

Having survived kidnap attempts by two bumbling goblins as children they grow up separately. The young couple, eventually meet and must marry to validate their combined powers.

Before they can attain their lands, they must throw a special star into the sky which they will find on one of their many quests which will help them create their Fairy Dynasty.

They quickly discover a ferocious enemy, KARDONITH, who is determined to stop them creating their own lands, and end their lives. He wants to continue to rule his world without these little nobody’s. ‘Fairy’s what are they?’

Their quest is to take the Star to a special place as decreed by a prophecy, to light the way to their special lands, encountering many dangers along the way.

Faylinn learns the art of warfare and is involved with Hipponian in many battles until they finally find their lands where we reach the climax within the final chapter where Kardonith, meets with them in a final battle.

During this greatest battle, Kardonith eventually reaches Faylinn and a fight to the death ensues. Watching as if in slow motion, the young king races to save her but it’s too late. Kardonith holds up his magnificent sword driving it into the Fairy Queen, striking a final mortal blow.

As Faylinn is prepared for burial, Hipponian places her magical sword upon her body, casting the spell that was meant to be and her life force is restored.