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Spellboda (Childrens Middle Grade Books, Book Award 2023)
Spellboda (Childrens Middle Grade Books, Book Award 2023)
Spellboda (Childrens Middle Grade Books, Book Award 2023)
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Trust, belief and a little magic… then maybe they could both fly free.

Home's awful for Trevor, school's worse. When he meets Midge, he finds he has a gift that could change his life forever.

Trevor's thrown into a magical adventure - but can he take on the destiny he’s only just discovered?
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Spellboda Movie – Jo Clarke - Synopsis

Trevor has no idea that he is gifted as a spellboda, and can communicate with birds and animals. The single clue is a glow around him, which only animals and other spellbodas can see. Trevor’s mum died three years ago, and his devastated father holds him responsible. He’s unable to show thirteen year old Trevor any love or kindness, only hurt and insults. Trevor has lost faith in people. He copes by choosing not to speak to anyone except Mrs Bingo-Wings, his mum’s cat, and he shuts out the world to protect himself.

Trevor has a chance to work with birds of prey when his school organizes a volunteer placement to help him cope with losing his mum. Trevor discovers his ancient gift and makes friends with a Peregrine Falcon in danger from bird smugglers. A unique adventure to freedom for them both begins, as Trevor works out who the thieves are, how to stop them, and finds out if it’s possible to heal and trust again.

On his first day as a volunteer, Trevor finds Midge, a fledgling Peregrine Falcon, hidden under foliage inside a damaged aviary, at the same time as his gift is activated. With help from other animals, Midge tells Trevor about the thieves. They’re looking for Midge and he needs a spellboda to save him. Friendship between bird and boy develops as Trevor follows clues to uncover who is out to get Midge. Midge in turn helps Trevor begin to regain his trust, reconcile with his Dad, and start to talk again.

Seeing exceptional talent in him, head falconer Elise allows Trevor to help train Midge to fly free. Trevor’s spellboda gift develops, and he starts to realise he could do more than talk to animals. When the centre is attacked again, Trevor’s gift progresses to transformation and he begins to piece clues together: unusual phone calls overheard, peculiar visitors, a note taped to the underneath of the lid of a hidden chocolate tin. The threat is imminent as a date is agreed for Midge’s release into the wild. The bird of prey centre owner, Adam Shotlander, is the mastermind behind the plan to export Midge to the Middle East, for huge sums of money. Conservation is a main message within the story, alongside other aspects including coping with grief and family dysfunction, and finding strength and purpose in life.

The night before his release, Midge is stolen from the centre. Trevor takes a leap of faith and talks to a human; Elise, when he needs help. Trevor transforms to a falcon for the first time, and with help from Tiberius, a Golden Eagle, Trevor rescues Midge at an aerodrome just before he’s taken for good.

Midge is set free by Trevor & Elise on a sunny morning, and soon Trevor will discover from his animal friends that his Mum was a spellboda too, and she isn’t really dead after all. Trevor is free to explore a new future…filled with hope and exciting possibilities.

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