Stones in my Bra

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Stones in my Bra (Women's Fiction, Book Award 2023)
Spoons on my Feet (Women's Fiction, Book Award 2023)
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A messy, monarchy-mad, mum-of-three, caught between a possibly unhinged father, indifferent, anti-royalist husband, truculent kids and humdrum job, tries to silence the critical voice in her head by making peace with her past in a New Age search for love, enlightenment and the perfect flapjack.
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Georgiana (Gee), an ordinary, monarchist, mum-of-three, and long-suffering wife of Welsh, anti-royalist, Owen, is struggling to find meaning in love and life. A free trial at Spirit Mind Studio reveals she has a long way to go to ‘find herself’ and silence her Inner Critic and her worries about Dylan, her friendless 8-year-old, Megan, her directionless 20-year-old and Rhys, her combative 17-year-old.

As her Silver Wedding approaches, she reflects on past romances and remembers her carefree life as a tour guide, and her honeymoon trip to China, where she and Owen met some interesting fellow travellers but where she also developed a fear of flying.

At work she has a memorable royal encounter, but the same day, her father, who has started conversing with his dead wife, ends up in hospital, adding to her woes and her sense that life is falling apart. And then, a chance encounter with someone from her past stirs up memories of her first love, whose tragic death she has always blamed herself for. She realises she needs to make major changes in her life.

So, she throws herself into Self-Help books and New Age practices and learns more about the crystals she has loved since she was a child. She is on the path to enlightenment, selfless enough now to even share her secret flapjack recipe with foodie friend Rose, who has entered a ‘Design the Dessert’ competition. Gee is now back on track with her marriage and all is going well until she overhears her family’s real opinion of her transformation. Then her friend Mariana has a cancer scare, bringing back memories of her mother’s illness and her own fear of death. Gee decides self-development is no longer the answer and turns for solace to chocolate, wine, and Celebrity Sandcastles.

Owen realises Gee is not happy, and makes an effort with an ‘anniversary trip’ to Rome. As a result, Gee is forced to deal with her fear of flying in a hypnosis session in which she meets her mother, her first love, and her ‘Eternal-I’ higher self. She’s back once again on the path to her true identity, but Owen’s romantic ‘rugby’ weekend makes her wonder if he really ‘sees’ her and whether they are meant to be together.

As a distraction, she attends the final of the ‘Design the Dessert’ competition, only to discover that it is being judged by both her honeymoon acquaintance and Jean-Claude, an ex-love who once offered her a gourmet life and a chiselled jaw. When Owen realises this, he scrums his way into the venue, causing havoc. Jean-Claude decides to stay in Sheffield, Gee reassesses what she wants from life and love, and Owen takes his own special measures. In a ‘farewell to work’ party, Gee’s father reveals the real reason behind his ‘conversations’ with his wife, Owen demonstrates why he is still Gee’s ‘true love’ and Gee moves into her new ‘Eternal-I’ role, with a fulfilling job at Spirit Mind Studio.

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