2024 Best Logline

Set in Lake Como, Italy 1927, Inspector Lionetti must decipher who killed a wealthy American tycoon. Everyone hated the man, and everyone had a motive. So, who killed him?

Three Americans seeking an Ayahuasca cleanse and some fun in the Mexican Riviera unexpectedly become trapped by an ancient trickster spirit in a psychedelic time warp and are forced to face their personal demons or become trapped in the Mayan Underworld for all eternity.

Genre: Crime

Imprisoned for poising his wife, Lee Lebrock asks his wife’s friend, Jill, to help him prove his innocence. Although reluctant to help, her own investigations aid in the discovery of the shocking truth.

Seraphina must choose the lesser of two evils—the ghosts that haunt her or the murderer who hunts her. Born with a rare ability—or curse, Seraphina can see and hear the dead. During the early days of the London Blitz, she is confronted with hundreds of lost souls wandering the streets. As the war...

In 1897, Vladimir Kaminskaya is whisked away to the Winter Palace by Tsar Nicholas II's Royal Guards. Terrifying thoughts fill his mind. Was he being arrested? What crime did he commit?

Genre: Drama

Inspired by a true story, an elderly woman recounts the tales of her ancestors from the glittering age of the Romanovs through today, and how their struggles, sacrifices, and perseverance has impacted her decision whether or not to have an operation to save her life.

During the witch fever, religious intolerance, and instability of the first English Civil War, a woman and her family fight allegations of witchcraft while hiding the dark secret that they are Catholic.

Genre: LGBT

Logline: The body is a museum for memories. I am the Smithsonian. An epic bildungsroman, "Who Has Known Heights" relentlessly explores the unabating torment and repercussions of being born in the wrong body 'long before' identifying as something “other” became a trend. Memoir disguised as fiction.

Genre: Drama

A farmer, suffering from PTSD over the tragic loss of his son, succumbs to his illness and brings nationwide attention to himself, and his small town, through a series of horrific events.

Annabel Tate's life is a mess. When an unconventional Advent calendar appears at her door from an unknown sender, Annabel's life could be about to change as she completes a new challenge each day until Christmas. Each challenge takes her out of her comfort zone, but is it for better or for worse?

A mailman's life changes forever when he uncovers a conspiracy and cover up of a genocide during a mysterious flu epidemic in the United States. He is about to blow the whistle, but becomes the target of his own assassination attempt to keep him quiet.

When a severe drought makes potable water expensive, a powerful drug lord decides it's more profitable to sell water. He tries to manipulate the U.S. water supply and take over the White House, but the Secretary of Homeland Security races to stop him by any means necessary.

In 1975, Montgomery, Alabama, veterinarian Paul Hartley and his partner thought they could avoid homophobia by moving to a small town, but the town gossip lady has other ideas in this heartwarming LGBTQ dramedy.

On the Rocks chronicles the real-life journey of restaurateur Joseph Costanzo Jr., from his rise to success as the owner of the highly acclaimed Primadonna Restaurant, radio host, columnist, and aspiring politician to his sharp fall ending with a stint in federal prison.

Genre: LGBT

A survivor of sexual assault, Lorinda battles with her fundamentalist Christian past in a quest for intimacy. While struggling with sexual addiction/depression, her marriage crumbles. She finds unexpected love in a woman on her journey of self-discovery amidst societal judgment & personal turmoil.

Based on a true story, a high school bully who continually harasses his teacher learns a lesson the hard way in this short heartwarming drama.

Genre: Drama

Inspired by a true story, RACHEL STEIN teaches a valuable life lesson about adversity she hopes will make a difference in her students' lives. She relates the tales of her ancestors' struggles and sacrifices, and how they overcame adversity from the glittering age of the Romanovs through today.

Genre: Sci-Fi

A good man breaks away from an unholy group of desperados only to find himself defending an entire town from the undead monsters that he helped unleash.

When her whirlwind marriage to a Frenchman sparks suspicion, free-spirited Australian Manisha Jane must navigate societal expectations and choose whether to reveal the deeper truth of her spiritual quest that led to it. An invigorating exploration of the contemporary clash between East and West.

Genre: Horror

A brother and sister discover that one of their parents is a serial killer. They team up with their other parent to bring the murderer to justice in this comedy/horror mash-up.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In this dystopian sci-fi thriller, humanity will soon end. The Alien leader from the planet Gilese offers humans a chance to survive, but at a price.

Genre: Fantasy

Collecting life force is essential for death fairies survival. To give it away is a death sentence. Two fairies, one light one dark, or so it appears at first glance.

Genre: Fantasy

Explore a new world through the eyes of a Priest and a Professor where Dragons are ancient cosmic creatures with thick reptile skin that protects them from solar radiation and the coldness of outer space with lungs that produce oxygen while traveling between worlds.

Genre: Romance

Emma, a liberal environmental activist and hopeful film producer, falls for a modern-day Robin Hood who accidentally kidnaps her during a heist, as they embark on a eco-warrior journey fraught with peril and passion.

Genre: Romance

A tragic love story of a socialite’s extramarital affair and heart-rendering romance with a dashing local farmer set in post-World War I Switzerland, comparable to Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

When a disavowed CIA operative living in “Magnum-era” Honolulu is brought up on 94 fraud charges, he’s paired with a rookie Public Defender to prove his innocence, but the Court disallows all “classified” evidence that might clear his name.

Genre: Fantasy

Three teenage boarding school students are thrown into an epic quest spanning two worlds. The year is 1939 and they will find themselves facing evil magic users, diabolical traps, suspicious gangsters, and power-hungry Nazis!

Radhika, a young, Ceylon tea plantation worker is sent to work at the house of Chasley Rannoch, a ruggedly handsome, Scottish, estate superintendent. Her infatuation for him results in the shocking arrival of a baby, leading to a spiral of events of misfortune, scandal, intrigue and A Heritage Lost.

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane, Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week. Her traumatic experience keeps on haunting her day and night, but mostly at night, and it seems there's no way out. If life is only a torture, why keep on going?

Genre: Horror

A series of gruesome murders leads a Detective to discover a centuries-old "Curse of the Werewolf Clan," uncovering a nationwide plot to create legions of the creatures.

After the Feds unexpectedly knocked on the door looking for my father, my mental health took a dive. After an invasive investigation later, he pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges and was sentenced to a stint in federal prison. Moving away, I stumbled upon an unexpected saving grace in an eclectic...