Sina Bowyer ~ Screenplay Award Judge

Sina Bowyer is judging Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award.

Sina Bowyer is judging Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award. Sina is a screenwriter and producer and the CEO of Red Rug Productions. She graduated with a Masters in Screenwriting from Royal Holloway, University of London after earlier intensive study via the Screenwriting Pro-series and related Masterclasses in Hollywood.

After being hired to write to co-write a drama based on a Scandinavian bestseller, Sina had a commission from an Itaiian director to write a gay themed comedy drama set between UK and Italy. One of her own scripts, an epic, action packed conspiracy thriller, was selected for the Production Value Lab held in Amsterdam, with a team working on budgeting, scheduling and re-positioning the film as a South African studio production.

Sina has engaged in various roles on shorts, feature films and music videos. Her eco-thriller Crude, is an exposé of oil pollution that won Best Featurette at Idyllwild Film Festival USA while screening at 14 other international festivals. Her romantic drama, Wildfruit, is in development with a Greek production company, and the lockdown months led to a farcical comedy script “Fornication Under Consent of the King”, written as a Mediaeval take on the origins of the most used profanity in the English language.

Based in London, Sina has built an impressive network through her involvement at film events including Cannes, the Academy Awards, BFI, and Film Fleadh in Galway. She aims to be a cross-genre screenwriter mastering as many story techniques as possible while producing the company's slate, and forging global links with other film creatives to nurture the best of independent film.

In a year where we have seen dystopian fantasies become our reality, I long for human stories swathed in intimacy, mystery, transcendence and laughter.

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