Joel Handler ~ Screenplay Award Judge

Joel Handler is delighted to be judging the 2022 Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award

Joel Handler is a repped screenwriter, Black List reader, film scout, and credited script consultant is who delighted to judge the Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award with the intention of highlighting talented new screenwriters.

Joel comes from a family of doctors, yet, unfortunately for him, is unable to tell a beaker from a Bunsen burner. This led Joel to reimagine the word "healing" — and how it might relate to a career less inclined to chemical burns — realizing that it can certainly be fulfilled through writing comedic, inclusive, and representative content.

He grew up in the Florida panhandle, where he majored in English at Florida State, yet (thankfully) now resides in Los Angeles where his hair is no longer petted nor considered exotic.

What I'm looking for most in Page Turner Award entrants is risk-taking, inclusive content with strong undercurrents of heart, whether it be family comedy, horror, or anything in between.

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