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Your submission scores will be rated by our judges according to:

1. Overall quality of writing.
2. Compelling characters.
3. Storytelling potential.

Knowing your scores will prove very helpful to you with your current and future writing projects.

In 2024, Page Turner Awards will show you your submission scores privately, so you know exactly how well your writing is doing in these important areas.

This can be on a new submission or a previous submission.

Scroll down to see more about how your scores will be revealed to you privately.

Quality of Writing

page turner award - see your scores from our writing contest judges

In a writing contest, showcasing the pinnacle of your writing quality is paramount for securing a high score from the judges.

In order to succeed in a writing contest, it is crucial for an entrant to showcase the highest level of writing quality.

Your writing serves as the lens through which judges perceive your story, characters, and storytelling potential. It is the vessel that carries the essence of your narrative, making it crucial to present a polished and engaging manuscript.

Judges will evaluate submissions based on various criteria, including the overall quality of the writing, the creation of compelling characters, and the storytelling potential.

By demonstrating exceptional writing quality, you not only capture the judges' attention but also convey a mastery of language and a commitment to excellence.

When your writing shines in these areas, it also demonstrates your skill in storytelling and your ability to captivate readers.

Your writing is the first impression, and a compelling narrative, brought to life through impeccable prose, significantly enhances your chances of standing out in the competitive realm of literary contests.

A high score in these categories indicates that your writing has the potential to be recognized as a standout piece of literature.

Compelling Characters

page turner award - see your compelling character skill score from our writing contest judges

To capture the attention of judges and readers alike, your characters must be meticulously crafted and imbued with depth and authenticity.

Characters serve as the heart and soul of any story, and their ability to resonate with readers is paramount to a story's success.

When characters leap off the pages, they become more than just figures in a narrative; they become individuals that readers connect with, empathize with, and cheer for.

Engaging characters draw readers into the story, making them invested in the protagonist's journey and the unfolding events.

Their personalities, motivations, and flaws become the driving forces behind the narrative, fuelling the plot and keeping readers hooked.

A story with compelling characters is one that lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned, leaving a lasting impression on the reader's heart and imagination.

To capture the attention of judges and readers alike, your characters must be meticulously crafted and imbued with depth and authenticity.

Storytelling Potential

page turner award - see your storytelling ability score from our writing contest judges

Demonstrating storytelling potential is a linchpin in writing contests, as it underscores your ability to craft a narrative that unfolds seamlessly before the judges' eyes.

A strong storyteller is able to transport readers into the heart of the story.

Your storytelling prowess is the key to immersing the reader and judge in the protagonist's world that is vivid, dynamic, and rich with potential.

In the competitive landscape of a writing contest, judges seek manuscripts that not only display technical proficiency but also unveil the promise of a compelling journey within the first few pages.

By masterfully revealing the unfolding story through the eyes of your characters, you showcase your skill in guiding readers through a narrative that is not only well-written but teeming with potential.

The artful execution of storytelling ensures that judges recognize your capacity to create a literary experience that is both captivating and promising, setting your entry apart in the pursuit of literary excellence.

By showcasing your craft of writing, including vivid descriptions, engaging dialogue, and well-paced pacing, you will demonstrate your ability to bring the story to life on the page.

Your ability to show the character's story through the eyes of the character is paramount to showcasing storytelling potential.

Embrace the timeless wisdom of 'Show Don't Tell' as an invitation to unleash the art of 'Storyshowing Potential!

Benefits of Seeing Your Score in A Writing Contest

There are many benefits to seeing your scores in a writing contest.

  • Objective feedback: Judges who score writing contests are trained to provide objective feedback on your writing, which can be very helpful in identifying areas where you can improve. Scores provide valuable feedback on your writing, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Understanding where you excelled and where you fall short allows you to focus on areas needing improvement in future writing projects.
  • Identifying Areas of Strength: High scores indicate areas of writing where you excel. Recognizing these strengths allows you to capitalize on them in future work and tailor your writing style accordingly.
  • Motivation: Seeing that your writing is being recognized and valued can be a great motivator to continue writing. It can also help you build confidence in your abilities.
  • Improved writing skills: By identifying areas where you can improve, you can take steps to strengthen your writing skills.
  • Identifying Areas for Development: Low scores highlight areas needing development or refinement in your writing. This insight helps target specific skills or techniques to enhance through practice and study.
  • Increased confidence: Seeing your work recognized can boost your confidence and make you more likely to continue writing. Motivation and Encouragement: Regardless of the score received, participating in contests and receiving feedback can be motivating. It encourages continuous writing practice, fosters a growth mindset, and reinforces the importance of perseverance in the writing journey.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Completing a writing contest and receiving feedback can give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to continue pursuing your writing goals.
  • Validation and Recognition: Achieving high scores can validate your writing skills and efforts. It serves as recognition from judges or peers, boosting confidence and motivation to continue writing.
  • Benchmarking Progress: Comparing your scores across different contests or over time can track your progress as a writer. Consistent participation and feedback help gauge improvement and set benchmarks for future goals.

Overall, seeing your scores in a writing contest serves as a valuable learning experience, offering feedback, validation, and motivation to improve and succeed as a writer. There are many benefits to seeing your scores in a writing contest. If you are a writer, we encourage you to consider entering some contests and seeing how your work is evaluated. You may be surprised at the insights and motivation you gain from the experience.

Private Scoring!

Scores will NOT be made public! Your private scorecard is your insight into your submission's evaluation.

Your score remains confidential, accessible exclusively within your 'My Account' area, ensuring privacy. There, you'll find a breakdown of your average score from all the judges who scored your submission. Your score is rated out of 10, providing a comprehensive overview of how your submission(s) resonated with our esteemed panel of literary experts.

Your submission's score will be published privately in your account at the end of the 2024 awards, after all judging has been completed and our Online Winners Ceremony has announced the winners of all awards and sub-categories.

Even if you have previously entered a novel, manuscript, or screenplay in any of the four years Page Turner Awards has been running, you can now enter it again and find out how well it scores with our judges in the Page Turner Awards 2024 international writing contest. Of course, new work is welcome too and will also receive a score from our judges for you to see.

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