Submission Guidelines

1. Choose Your Award

We have two awards, one for unpublished manuscripts and one for published books.

  • Our Writing Award is for unpublished manuscripts in both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Our eBook Award is for any published books in both fiction and non-fiction.

You can also enter both awards.

2. Choose Any Optional Extras

Consider all the optional extras and how they could help your submission. You don't have to select any, but they are worth considering before you enter because some of them will help your entry in different ways. Check the award optional extras.

3. Check The Entry Details

When you have chosen your award and browsed through the optional extras, be sure to read all the rules and entry details:

4. Join Page Turner Awards

Guidelines on how to register and enter your submission.

  • USERNAME: Please be aware that your username is the name that appears on your profile and it can't be changed. Don't choose a nickname or something like 'SweetPea' or 'PussyGalore' because that is what the judges will look at when they have chosen the winning chapters, and they want to find out more about the person behind the story. Be professional and show them you mean business!
  • BIO: Add a little about you and why you are writing in your genre or about your eBook. Remember that judges and readers will be looking at these details. When you write a query to an agent, you tell them all the best things about yourself. Do the same here.
  • SOCIAL: Add your social links if you want them to appear on your profile. These social links will appear on your submission only if you choose to have Reader Feedback and Viral Sharing as your optional extras.
  • Register here.
  • Or click the 'Login' on the main menu to register.
  • Check for your verification email.
  • Click the link to accept the verification.
  • It will log you in and ask you to add a password for future logging in.
  • Follow the links in your dashboard for the award entry.
  • SUBMISSION: You will not see the submission links until you have A) registered and logged in, B) made your entry payment ~ then the submission links will be visible.