2023 Page Turner Awards

Wow! What more is there that I can say to describe the 2023 Page Turner Awards than that? Just wow!
The organisers & hosts, Ken & Paula, were warm, wonderful, and incredibly giving people, not just of their time, but of their desire to really bring success to us indie writers, and for it to really mean something. They're in this for all the right reasons and it was evident in so many things they did. From the very sincere reasons for launching this competition, to the beautiful video ceremony (you could see the love and dedication they poured into it to make it special) and so much more. As a shortlisted finalist, and then a double winner on the night, I coudn't have been happier.

With the curtain barely closed on the ceremony, they then set out about ensuring prizes reached the intended participants in incredibly fast fashion. That speaks volumes for the organisers and this amazing writing competition. They really care about the writers and it was evident for all to see, in the lead-up to the awards, during the ceremony, and even afterwards, giving up even more of their time to host a forum among all the writers.

In short, I cannot recommend the Page Turner Awards enough. I'm so grateful I stumbled upon it when I did, entered, and got to bask in the beauty of a beautifully run event. I will be back – guaranteed!