Unflappable - 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, Peaceful No Matter What

"WOW! What a work of wisdom Unflappable is! It weaves wisdom from many traditions for those who aspire to live a mystical and meaningful life while staying centered and grounded. A profoundly practical guide for anyone dancing with the tides of change, complexity, immensity, and the uncertainty of these times."
-Joel Levey, author of Luminous Mind and
The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, and Meditation - www.wisdomatwork.com

“Life-changing wisdom, unlike anything else you’ll find. Ragini’s clarity and direction help you stop blaming yourself for the ups and downs of daily life, and immediately decrease stress ten-fold. It delivers exactly what it promises—a clear guide for being happy and peaceful, no matter what!”
-Sondra Kornblatt, author of Brain Fitness for Women and A Better Brain At Any Age

“Chances are you’ll have an ‘aha’ insight reading this book. Unflappable unites complex concepts with easy practices to skillfully address the fundamental question of life’s contradictions. Within these pages are ways to maintain one’s sanity, even when circumstances seem unmanageable and unbearable.”
-Judy Ford, author of Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled and Independent and
Every Day Love: The Delicate Art of Caring for Each Other

‘Ragini Michaels wrote a marvelous book on polarity which could easily be among the best expositions of this ancient dilemma in modern times. The six steps are a very didactic way of introducing the reader to this paradoxical yet comprehensible new ability needed so much in these times. The book is an easy read considering the depth of the theme treated. It is elegantly explained, profound, and mind transforming. My experience was as if the book added a new dimension of thought, like from still photography to movies. It is in the balance of the movement where we find happiness, health, and peacefulness and not on the still picture of happiness we make in our minds. I sincerely consider this book a revolution in thought.’
Christian Palocz Ph.D. author of "El Tíbet y el mundo entero: El conflicto tibetano-chino desde una perspectiva no-dual".

“There’s a lot of wisdom in Unflappable and it is definitely a book I would suggest for your must-read list.”
-On The Bookshelf, Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal, June 2012

This is what I call a "light bulb" read because chances are good that after reading a few chapters something you've been puzzled by or troubled with will appear more clearly. I especially enjoyed the shiny nuggets of wisdom in the sidebars.
Ms. Goodread, amazon.com

“Unflappable is light and very deep, offering freedom through duality with a practical boost to healing and manifestation. She lights up the dance between polar opposites with exercises that work! Easy, fun, and playful—and certainly portable. Now I "see" opposites and paradoxes so much more and suddenly experience shifts in my inner tensions—some of them very old! Thank you, Ragini”
Veronica Entwistle, radio host, Paradigm Shifters

“Congratulations on Unflappable! Sage advice written in a smart, readable, and entertaining style.”
-Marya Bednerik, Professor, Kent State University

“What a joy it is to read Unflappable; I am loving your approach and explanations. Despite having only just started reading it last night, many things are resonating with me. I've had light bulbs going off since the first page. “
Helen Hunt, United Kingdom

‘Two years of retirement have given me time to explore thoughts and techniques new to me. Ragini Michaels' explanations and six-step technique has given me a new way to look at my life and to seek contentment. Who knew that discontent holds the seeds of wisdom, that a life of paradox is inevitable and livable, and that happiness is only a matter of how you're looking. Fortunately, Ragini Michaels knows and in her book has found a clear and entertaining way to impart her wisdom to the rest of us.’
Ben Hodge, Retired ED, Giordano Dance Company, Chicago

‘I appreciate how Ragini clearly handles our internal struggles that are so hidden to the casual eye. As a "psychotherapist" I use her work to help get clients to see how they are stuck in an unconscious dilemma of opposites. Now we have an easy tool to work through the dilemma that used to seem momentous! This is practical, easy, fun and written in way that will lighten you up as you dive into your own depths! A great read for both the therapist and anyone who wants to be happier! Thank you, Ragini!’
Suryo Gardner, Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Seattle

‘This is a practical book for people who are tired of trying to deal with difficult problems in the same old ways. There are some problems that just seem to come up over and over for us in our lives; tired, old themes that we just can't seem to get away from, as hard as we might try. These are what the author calls "unresolvable dilemmas" and they are a sign of a deeper pattern, a mystical pattern of "duality" - special-made for each one of us. In this book, you get a very practical set of steps for rethinking these kinds of problems, for seeing them in a new light, and for changing your relationship to them. It's useful for smaller, day-to-day kinds of problems, as well as big, life-changing problems. This book isn't about the kind of unicorn-chasing happiness often found in so many self-help books. No, this is a different type of happiness, one that tries to teach us to find happiness even within the "wisdom of our discontent." And for that reason, I find it much more approachable, and real. It's not just a good perspective changer, it's a set of practical tools for helping to address a wide range of problems. A very worthwhile read.’
Gideon Rosenblatt, retired ED, Non-Profit Environmental Org.

‘This is for those who see that life has good and bad, dark and light, and have had occasion to travel ALL of the roads - through valleys and over mountains. Sounds like a winner to me. Even more than that, it walks a nice "loop" between entertaining and educating. Nicely done! Congrats and thank you for intriguing insights into life's ups and downs.’
Nadine Shanti, Singer, Performer, & Composer

‘Ragini’s wonderful book, "Unflappable", is so helpful. It's a must-read for all as we seek ways to flourish in our difficult circumstances, whatever form they may take. Thank you.’
Mary Brauninger, Retired Special Education Teacher