I wasn’t prepared for the powerful characters of this novel to come marching out of my imagination and dictate their lives. I credit my beginnings in writing to my eleventh grade English teacher, who made us write spontaneous stories in class. My career in the arts started in Japan when my teacher, a ceramics master, said I looked too much with my eyes. Ha! How does one see? Of course, he was talking about the inner eye, which is the foundation of creativity. I returned from Japan and with my wife created an award-winning ceramic studio. Writing was always a bedfellow, and a pathway into the deeper and stranger parts of myself. An amazing writer’s group has spurred my writing and kept me out of (or perhaps into) the depths of darkness. I am challenged and humbled by the vast field writing talent around me. For more about me, go to my author's page: https://www.lindenhillspottery.com/authors-page.html