2021 Page Turner Writing Award Fiction Winners

Lisa Lepki the Head of Marketing at our incredibly supportive sponsor, #ProWritingAid. Lisa was delighted to reveal our Writing Award Fiction Winners.

The Page Turner Writing Award for Fiction actually has two winners. Remarkably, both of these writers had the same score, which was inseparable.

The first Page Turner Writing Award Fiction Winner: Bloom of a Drunken Coconut, that we heard earlier won the 2021 Best Book Title, was inspired by the concept of ‘reading rooms’ run by rural women in India to educate other women. The story is written by our second Writing Award winner, Jaya Padmanabhan

The second Page Turner Writing Award's winning writer is already quite a writing powerhouse. She has had several books published in the past. And by a quite remarkable coincidence, so too did her twin brother, Mark, in the same Page Turner Award last year. For her submission ‘No Good Lie’, and firmly re-establishing the writing bragging rights within the family is Claire Stibbe.

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