eBook Award General Rules

Please read these rules for the eBook Award.

  1. The Page Turner 2020 eBook Award is an international contest and open to global submissions.
  2. The contest is open to entrants 18 or older.
  3. All submissions, booking details and payments are final, and NO refunds will be issued.
  4. Each entry is judged by the full picture, which includes your cover, description and first 10 pages.
  5. All submissions must be submitted with the details from the HOW TO ENTER tab.
  6. At the time of submission and for the duration of the contest, the submitted book must be your copyrighted property.
  7. You MUST only submit your own work.
  8. Submissions MUST be the sole property of the author or authors.
  9. Submission MUST be your own original work, story and characters. Any submissions of existing literary characters and or stories not in the public domain, as well as any stories from television or film that the writer does not own will be disqualified.
  10. All entries will be read.
  11. eBooks published from 1 January 2018 ~ 31 May 2020 will be accepted.
  12. No feedback is given, unless you opt for our reader feedback optional extra.
  13. Page Turner Awards Judges will utilize whatever criteria they deem appropriate in deciding a winner.
  14. All work will remain the property of the author or authors throughout the contest and beyond.
  15. At no point will any of the judges do anything more with your work without your consent.
  16. Entrants may be contacted from a representative of Page Turner Awards in regard to representation, production, or a possible option of the entered work.
  17. By entering, you agree to receive emails from us and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  18. Your submitted material will be shared exclusively with our Judges.
  19. By entering, you agree to allow Page Turner Awards to share details if your eBook.
  20. Page Turner Awards reserves the right to change or modify these rules and terms and conditions at any time without notice. 
  21. By entering and paying for your submission, you accept our Terms and Conditions.