How To Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile is easy, but you must be logged in. You'll land on your Authors and Writers Dashboard. In the ME menu (which you will only see when logged in) there is a link for your profile. Click that and edit your profile.

Please be aware that your username is the name that appears on your profile, and it can't be changed. Don't choose a nickname or something like 'SweetPea' or 'PussyGalore' because that is what the judges will look at when they have chosen the winning chapters, and they want to find out more about the person behind the story.

Be professional and show them you mean business! Our suggestion is that you use your name (first name and surname) or your pen name.

How To Edit Your Profile

  • When you log in, you will land on your dashboard.

  • In the top right corner you will see your name, click that to access your profile

  • Then you will see 'View profile and 'Edit profile'

  • Here you see 'Account' where you can edit your email and upload your image

  • Name and Country is where you can edit your name and country location.

  • Edit your bio. Remember that judges and readers will be looking at these details. When you write a query to an agent, you tell them all the best things about yourself. Do the same here.

  • Edit or add your social links if you want them to appear on your profile and receive viral sharing.

  • If you need to get back to your Dashboard, click the 'My Dashboard' link in the top left corner beside your username.