How To Register and Submit An Entry

Once you have read the award details, with the rules, pricing and optional extras, here's how to enter the award. When you've finished reading this, you'll be asked to register and create an account via the login on our main menu.

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Please also see our FAQ for any other questions you may have.

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How to Enter

  1. Select the Award category or categories that you want to enter, this being either the Writing Award or the eBook Award.
  2. When you have logged in, select an Award Membership Package
  3. Choose any additional optional extras
  4. Pay your fee
  5. Submit using your logged in 'My Dashboard'

How To Register

Guidelines on how to register to enter your submission.

  • USERNAME: Please be aware that your username is the name that appears on your profile and it can't be changed. Don't choose a nickname or something like 'SweetPea' or 'PussyGalore' because that is what the judges will look at when they have chosen the winning chapters, and they want to find out more about the person behind the story. Be professional and show them you mean business!
  • BIO: Add a little about you and why you are writing in your genre or about your eBook. Remember that judges and readers will be looking at these details. When you write a query to an agent, you tell them all the best things about yourself. Do the same here.
  • SOCIAL: Add your social links if you want them to appear on your profile and receive viral sharing.
  • Register here.
  • Check for your verification email.
  • Click the link to accept the verification.
  • It will log you in and ask you to add a password for future logging in.
  • Follow the link in your dashboard for the award entry.

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How To Submit Your Award Entry

To prepare for your submission this is the information you will need.

When you have this ready, login and your logged in 'My Dashboard' will give you the link to enter your submission. Important: You will not see the submission links until you have A) registered and logged in, B) made your entry payment ~ then the submission links will be visible.

  • TITLE: Add your eBook or Writing Award title
  • LOGLINE SUMMARY: You have 300 characters to explain your story. This must be one or two sentences to explain your story. Literary experts say that you should be able to pitch your story with a short one-liner. Do NOT add a book description in this box as the judges will dismiss your entry as invalid. It MUST be a logline - a one liner to explain your entire story as explained in this link ~ see this advice on how to create a logline:
  • BODY: Add your first 10 pages (2500 - 3000 words maximum), including any chapter breaks. This is not an upload, you need to copy and paste your text into this box.
  • GENRE: Start typing your genre. Any genres with those letters or words will automatically appear. Select which one you want to add to your entry.
  • READER FEEDBACK: If you want the Reader Feedback and you have opted into this optional extra, select it under 'Reader Feedback.'
  • VIRAL SHARING: If you have opted for viral sharing, this will automatically appear on your submitted entry.
  • VISIBILITY select if you want anyone to see this (for reader feedback) or just for judges to see your submission (privacy).
  • Click Save
  • Preview your entry to be sure it looks the way you intend the judges to see it.
  • If you want to keep your entry private and not visible to the public and only visible to the judges, select 'Judges' otherwise if you want Reader Feedback leave it for anyone to see.
  • When adding a non-fiction submission, use the same process and select non-fiction as the genre category.
  • IMAGE: Only the eBook Award allows you to include an image of your book cover. Make sure the image is 250 x 250 to be the best fit for the page. If you don't know how to do this, check below.

** You will NOT see Reader Feedback and Viral Sharing if you have not chosen those optional extras.

How To Edit Your Entry Submission

To edit your submission:

  1. Log in.
  2. On your Authors and Writers Dashboard you will see 'My Submission.'
  3. Underneath that title is your submission link.
  4. Click it and you will get to your submission page.
  5. On your submission page, click 'Edit'
  6. Edit as necessary.
  7. Hit save

Spacing, Fonts and Italics

You don't have to worry about fonts or sizing. You enter your words into the submission link and our site will format the font and size for you. It will be single spacing. The judges are not concerned with formatting, they just want to be hooked by your WORDS!

There is no way to show italics. If you are using the italics for flashbacks, you can indicate this with a space before the flashbacks and then afterwards. If you are using the italics for thoughts or interior monologue, you can do the same. Or have it on a separate line to distinguish the thoughts from the narrative.

The judges just want to see your story and if they want to see more they will ask for the MS which you can send them with italics.

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Award Entry Samples

How To Size Your eBook Cover

Follow these quick steps to size your image. If you don't, your image will most likely be huge and the reader will need to scroll down a long way to find your first 10 pages (2500 - 3000 words maximum).

  1. Open 'Paint' in your PC.
  2. Or right click on your book cover image held in your PC and select 'open with Paint.'
  3. Click resize. In the box that opens, check the radio button for Resize and Skew.
  4. Add in 250 to the Horizontal box.
  5. It will automatically give you the Vertical size. Hit OK.
  6. Go to File, Save As and save your image to your PC.

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Picture Book Entries

For picture book entries, we advise the following:

  • Writing Award: Literary agents and publishers are looking at the story, the words you create to make your story. If they like your story and want to take things further with you as a writer, they will work with you to create a picture book. This could be by finding an illustrator to work with you on illustrating the story. If you are an illustrator, and have illustrated your story, you can upload a couple of illustrations with your first 10 pages (2500 - 3000 words maximum). This can be a pdf, but we have an upload limit so only add one or two illustrations.
  • eBook Award: For published picture books, you can upload your first 10 pages (2500 - 3000 words maximum) with a couple of illustrations which explain the story. This can be a pdf, but we have an upload limit so only add one or two illustrations. The judging is done on the story not the pictures, however if you have already published a story with illustrations this is allowed.