Emily Olivieri Olivieri

Emily has always loved stories but she isn't one of those people that has been writing since they were two and have files and files of stories they've written over the years -No, she's one of those people that started writing and then gave up, tried again a few years later and gave up, and then she went on maternity leave and tried writing again and she kept writing.
She now has two short stories in an upcoming anthology, A Season Of Darkness by The Twisted Ten (March 2021), a completed adult dark fantasy manuscript she's hoping to publish in the near future, and dozens of story ideas that she can't wait to write!
Fantasy is her one true love but everything she writes tends to have a dark twist and supernatural elements, she just can't help herself.

Award Type
Following an ominous discovery, Princess Evalina is leaving her home for the first time since her father’s death, to hunt down a necromancer targeting her Queendom. She is compelled by a strange nightmare to enlist the help of Thanatos, the Prince of an enemy land.
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