Beverley Blackburn

Beverley studied at Curtis Brown Creative in London on the selective Six Month Novel Course in 2019 and Nikita Lalwani, author of You People, mentored her on her first novel, Dark Fish. Her novel comes straight from the heart because it explores loss and infertility in a fictional setting, both of which have been huge influences on her own life. Beverley loves to read layered, nuanced, intelligent fiction, especially stories that engage both the heart and mind. Her writing goal is to keep writing about extraordinary, life changing moments in ordinary lives in both long and short fiction.

Beverley works in the creative and media industries, most recently as a garden designer and lives in West Sussex.

Award Type
Anne forgot herself for one moment but has never forgotten a stranger’s last words - now she must tell the person who needs to hear what Nora said. Six years before, infertility is tough on Nora and husband Joe wants to keep trying until a little white lie changes everything.
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Kayla Henley Fri, 07/16/2021 - 03:18

Emotive storytelling drew me in right away. Effective use of differing POV and timeline added mystery. Great job establishing conflict early, which allowed me to connect with the characters. A couple typos in the text that could use a proofread, but overall good job! 

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