Stephanie Zikmann

Stephanie Zikmann is a multi-award winning holistic dog groomer, trainer and certified canine behaviourist who was recently crowned 'Scotland's Best Pet Influencer 2020' at the Scottish Pet Industry Awards.

She is the number one Amazon bestselling author of 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming', and founder of the internationally recognised distance learning college, The Holistic Grooming Academy where she currently tutors 30 students from across the globe.

Stephanie actively campaigns for mental health and safe dog interaction and will be appearing as a guest speaker alongside global motivational speaker 'The Queen Bee', Dani Wallace at the Bee Inspired event in Manchester this September.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two young boys and their four dogs.

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Jack the curious dog detective is on a mission to help his peers uncover the secrets of speaking 'DOG'!
I Can Be A Dog Detective!
Jack the curious dog detective is on a mission to help his peers uncover the secrets of speaking 'DOG'!
My Submission

Look at King Louis, he's having such fun!
Bounding along making most of the sun.
He's jumping, and running and trying to catch bees,
Tail wagging, eyes bright - what else can you see?

What’s wrong with Lola? She is licking her claw.
Can you see she is wary, she’s lifting her paw?
With a massive big YAWN and a tongue to the nose,
It is clear from these signals Jack is standing too close.

Jessica Sausage now BARKS at the bell,
She’s shouting “INTRUDER!”, as she yells, and yells…
Her ears sit forward and her body stands square,
She is letting Jack know that the Postman is there.

SHHH! And be still, Nala sleeps in her bed,
Her body is curled and she is resting her head.
Can you see that her eyes are closed oh-so-tight?
Don’t wake her up or you might risk a bite!

Such a Good Boy! Bruno 'high fives' for treats,
He loves doing cool tricks in return for fresh meat!
His mouth opens slightly, his eyes wait for a cue,
Do you think Bruno is happy to have something to do?

Bella retreats to her crate where it’s safe,
She’s guarding her chew so Jack gives her some space.
She could snarl, or growl, or bark “Don’t come near!”
So when dogs show these signals it is best to stand clear. 

Greedy-guts Peppa is scoffing down grub,
She is drooling, and smelly, and could do with a scrub!
But wait just a moment, LOOK! She’s still eating food,
Bath time should wait till she’s in the right mood.

Goofy-dog Baxter is playing with his peers,
He’s rolling around, and he's sniffing their rears!
He barks on occasion, and he gives a play bow,
The park is good fun when he’s with his friend, Chow.

Percy is cheeky and he is pawing for food,
We ought to ignore him because that is quite rude!
He’s whining, and pining, and scratching Jack’s leg,
Don’t eat near a dog or you'll find he might beg! 

And here bounds HUGE Millie! Why isn’t she tall?
She jumps up to greet Jack, but… OOOPS! Now he falls!
Big dogs and small dogs should know how to “Sit”,
It might take a while but be patient - don’t quit!  


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