Victoria Osborne

Writer, English teacher and performer, I am sitting out the pandemic in Melbourne, Australia. Born in London, UK, I've lived in NZ and HK, Oz and the UK. Recently I spent four years in Europe, mainly based in Spain, traveling around Denmark, France and Belgium. My historical trilogy, set between 1610 and 1625, follows a character born in France, raised in Flanders and ennobled in England. In 2019 I traveled overland from the UK to NZ - quite an adventure. You can read all about it in my blog, I have two novels available on Amazon, 'EKTEK', about endangered animals and tech, and 'Man of Clay', a literary exploration of marriage, frogs and ceramics.

Award Type
The Mother Prioress, and the Virgin Mother, may nurture young orphan Anne de Breuil but her yearning for real family ends with both her siblings in their graves and Anne’s living birthmother revealed to be the most dangerous mother of them all.
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