Renée Hodges

Renée Hodges lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she has worked as a paralegal for more than twenty years. Five years ago, a friendship she made in the radiation center waiting room during a skirmish with breast cancer inspired her to write a short story and literally dust off a twenty-year-old manuscript. With her three children (one born and two steps) out of the nest, she’s concentrated on completing her first novel, Ona Mae’s Deli and Bait Shop, writing her second novel, Caragin Farm, and blogging at For down time, she and her husband enjoy traveling, having friends over, and hanging out in their easy pants watching cop shows and cooking competitions.

Award Type
Bekah chooses to start her life do-over in her former college-town, Whitman, Alabama. New degree, new friends, new life. While she navigates positive choices and dangerous emotional land mines, Whitman comes to terms with its past when bodies of five missing Civil Rights workers are unearthed.
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