Charis Himeda

Charis Himeda, PhD is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and a co-founder of EpiSwitch, Rx. She has authored twenty-five research publications and reviews and filed two patents for novel therapeutics. She has been interviewed by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Boston Business Journal for her research, employing CRISPR gene editing technology as a potential therapy for muscle disease. At night, Dr. Himeda doffs her lab gloves to pen speculative fiction about renegade scientists driven by their deep desire to explore and shape the world around them. She is a three-time winner in the PNWA contest, a winner in the Sandy, the Zebulon, and the Colorado Gold contests, a Semifinalist in the Cygnus Awards, and a Quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. Her short fiction appears in The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021, Antimuse, Eureka Literary Magazine, The Marlboro Review, MudRock: Stories and Tales, Nth Degree, and Wild: Uncivilized Tales by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Dr. Himeda is a member of PNWA and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and she lives in Reno, Nevada.

Award Type
Rogue biologist Howard Wake doesn't want to play God; he wants to create gods. Instead of mutating his children's genes, he gives them a tool to probe the ancient part of their genome for buried treasure, unwittingly rousing a creative force that has waited eons to kick-start humanity's evolution.
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