Prerna Ramachandra

Prerna Ramachandra has always had a close relationship with storytelling. Growing up in India, the amalgam of cultures she was surrounded by provided her with ample observations to draw from to tell her tales. This only increased when she came to the US for college. Since graduating from Princeton University in 2014, Prerna has been juggling her two loves - technology and storytelling - working in the tech industry by day and on her stories during nights and weekends. She is currently a product manager at Slack, and has previously worked in progressive American politics, and at The Washington Post. She writes about strong women thriving in a complex world, while navigating love and questions of identity, with a generous helping of humor and heart. She is a member of The Manuscript Academy. Pride and Privilege is the first book she has queried, and she is currently working on two novels - a contemporary romance set in Washington DC, centered around progressive politics, and an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility set in India.

Award Type
A rising star at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest new startups is on the verge of losing her work visa and getting kicked out of the US. She’s focused on getting a coveted promotion to strengthen her case, while steadfastly resisting her mother’s attempts at trying to marry her off for a Green Card.
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Jodie Renner Sun, 09/26/2021 - 01:34

A fascinating peek into the lives of successful single Indian women in America. Great opening chapters! Left me wanting to read more to see what happens next. Kudos.

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