Debbie Neckel

Writer, dreamer, animal lover and super gardener extraordinaire. That's the short version. I owned a bookstore for 20 years and sold it in my early 40s. It was time for a huge life change that fit the timing of my midlife crisis. I went to the police academy at age 45 after losing 40 pounds and getting in the best shape of my life. After two years on patrol, I made detective which had always been a dream. I'm living proof that dreams do come true and when I was ready to unpin my badge, writing became my next adventure. Now, I'm the author of over 50 romance novels and 5 mysteries. Tears of Steel is my first memoir and had a very exciting movie option with Rocklin and Faust, the winners of Best Picture Academy Award for Spotlight. Tears was lost in the Spotlight shuffle and needs a new home in publishing and movie/series world. When not writing, gardening or playing with my dogs, I coach kickboxing and women's self-defense.

Award Type
An inspiring and sometimes heart-wrenching memoir tracing one Detective's time in law enforcement from her struggle to become the first woman hired by her agency to the myriad of murderers and serial killers she faced down in order to right the horrible wrong she witnessed so many decades before.
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