Douglass Hoover

Douglass Hoover is the author of The Homestead and The Accursed Huntsman. He is a Marine Corps Infantry veteran and holds an MFA from Emerson College. His days are spent writing and blacksmithing on his small farm in rural Maine with his wife, Patience, and their three mutts, Bug, Furiosa, and Skootcha Nunchuck Monsterface.

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Seven deeply flawed characters are recruited to participate in a remote archeological expedition where they must face the consequences of achieving their deepest desires.
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Kayla Henley Tue, 07/20/2021 - 01:49

I loved the start of this story! Great job with your word choice and pacing to maintain reader interest. Overall, you have all the pieces in place (Jack's character, key facts about his background, and motive for acting against his better judgment) for a great thriller! 

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