Emma Williams

I'm a multi-award nominated (and winning) actress and singer from Yorkshire, predominantly working in the West End, but I've always harboured dreams of being a writer. After several other novels in draft stages, this is my first to make it through a full set of edits to potentially go out into the world.

I had poetry published in an anthology as a teenager, have had my theatre blogs serialised and published in The Huffington Post and The Times (some still available on the blogspot website below) and have recently been blogging on motherhood for Cotton Boulevard, a clothing range for children. I've also written several articles that appeared in West End production programmes.

I'd love to carve out a line for myself as an author and hope this will be the first step to achieving that dream. My personal writing style is humorous and self-deprecating, much of which can be found in my novel's protagonist, Agnes.

THE DEATH AND LIFE OF AGNES GRACE was a finalist in 2021’s Jericho Writers Friday Night Live and is currently Longlisted for the Comedy Women in Print (Unpublished) Prize.

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Agnes Grace is realising that, for some, the end of life means the end of living. When her last friend at the nursing home dies, she takes her journey of self-discovery overseas with her grandson, determined to recapture her youth and corrupt his.
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Kayla Henley Fri, 07/16/2021 - 02:59

I enjoyed this story. It does a great job using Agnes POV to show the reader a different viewpoint of retirement homes, imploring one to stop and think about how we regard the residents within. I loved Agnes' spunky personality! Nice job establishing conflict early (with her daughter) to maintain readers' interest. That was a heartbreaking moment when her daughter said she couldn't call her. At least she has her grandson. Great start!

Charlotte Valentine Sun, 08/01/2021 - 10:56

This is a great opening. Excellent treatment of one of those subjects we ‘try to not talk about too much but should’. Some good writing, great turns of phrase - and the kind of feisty female protagonist I love. Opening pages that show great promise. Well done. Charlotte Valentine.

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