Elizabeth Anderson

By day, a grad student. By night, an Internet surfer. Wait, no. A writer. Yeah, that’s it. A writer.

After a long and distinguished career in the grocery industry, E.M. Anderson (she/her) graduated college with a BA in English. Now she’s pursuing two master’s degrees simultaneously, despite all advice to the contrary.

E lives in the Midwestern United States with her cat and her partner. Although this is the first time she has pursued publication of a novel, E has been writing fiction and poetry for more than fifteen years. Her other interests include stupid puns, cemeteries, and old trees. She is an old lady in disguise and did not mean to like your sad Facebook status.

Award Type
A geriatric armed only with moxie & knitting needles must stop a sorcerer from destroying an organization of dragon-fighters like the son she lost 30 years ago. But as she learns about the abuse in the ranks, she questions if it’s the sorcerer who needs stopping—or the knights she’s trying to save.
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