George Harrison

George Harrison is a writer based in Wiltshire. After graduating from the London School of Economics, he worked as a feature writer for a national newspaper for three years, before leaving the newsroom behind to focus on longer-form writing and literature. He currently works as a ghostwriter and is the co-author of Inside Allenwood, a forthcoming narrative non-fiction book about life in an American prison which will be published by Quiller in April 2021.

Fiction is George's true obsession, and he has a particular love of both short stories and novels. His favourite writers include Cormac McCarthy, Sylvia Plath, Jon McGregor and Sally Rooney, and he loves books which focus on authentic, believable characters and the lives they live. As a trained geographer, he is also fascinated by literature with a strong sense of place, a trait he aims to include in all his own writing.

George has written a novel and a novella, and is now seeking a publisher and representation for both books. Both books centre on the difficulties of life for members of Generation-Z, featuring themes of loneliness, isolation, and the difficulties of that awkward early-twenties transitional stage of life.

Award Type
They Never Say When tells the story of a listless young artist who moves from Britain to Berlin in hope of a fresh start. However, pursued by grief and the sense that he is an impostor, he soon succumbs to loneliness and begins to suspect that the city itself might be the only friend he needs.
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