Steven Brody

I am a native of Sheffield, though I grew up largely in the United States. I studied law at Stanford University and now split my time whenever possible between Los Angeles, where I practise criminal defence, and Europe (London and Athens), where most of my family still live. I’m a lover of languages, and a speaker of French, Greek, and Italian. Before law, I worked as a journalist for Wired, CNN, and other outlets. I recently completed Curtis Brown's Three-Month Novel-Writing Course. Writing is my first love and I intend for it to be my focus going forward.

Award Type
Aboard a cargo ship in the early 1930s, two travelers haunted by the past—a man grieving the death of his child and a woman escaping a failed marriage—find the courage to face the future when their lives become entangled in the fate of a fellow passenger wanted for murder.
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