Writing Award 2022

The Page Turner Writing Award is an international writing contest for new writers to get their writing discovered by literary agents and publishers.

"No Rest for the Wiccan" by Matt Guthridge
Genre: Horror

After secondary student Bec Hartley discovers three murdered teenaged girls in the woods outside Manningtree, she begins a perilous journey to expose the truth about the mysterious Church of the Second Coming and save her loved ones from the new Witchfinder General.

"Harvey Spizzle and the Big Event" by michaelmolitchhou Molitch-Hou

Sixteen-year-old Harvey Spizzle is lost in a murky world of high-level conspiracies, boarding school brats, hints of the occult, a legendary school rivalry—and her own murky gender identity

"Grass Through Pavement" by Peter Trivelas

A seeker of knowledge and world experience, a naive young man in his prime finds answers and obstacles over a lifetime of exploring sex, war, love and art around the globe. His PTSD-fueled self-medicating drags him to the bottom of his noble pursuit where he must get a grip or die.

"The Last Indigo" by Diana Robinson

It has been said you're the hero of your own story... but what if you're the villain instead?

"A Parcel of Rogues" by Pamela Belle

In London, 1715, Sam Jessop asks the Huguenot artist André Dark to help him look for his runaway daughter, helped, or hindered, by Gin, a street urchin, and the fascinating and beautiful Polly Paradice, singer and woman of the town. Can they find Mary and foil a Jacobite plot before it’s too late?

"Have you met your Parents?" by Wendy Turner
Genre: Memoir

Other chapters from my book.
I do hope you enjoy my words.
With Smiles

"The Heartbreak Hotel" by David Aboulafia
Genre: Horror

This is a dark, surrealistic tale of psychological horror, based on the true story of the Hotel Albert in NYC. It is my fifth book, my masterwork, a story of purgatory, unforgivable sin ultimately forgiven, and of love, and the power of love to redeem even the darkest soul.

"Jubilee Bells" by Jodie Smith
Genre: Drama

Amid civil unrest, Jules Jones, a young widow, crashes on her parents’ couch in Alabama. Electricity and food are sparse. Leaving is dangerous, but staying is suffocating. Then, she discovers a source of hope and purpose—a child as alone as Jules feels. She also discovers a target on her back.

"The Valley of Vengeance" by Leonard Williams

Set in 1930’s America during the great depression era, the lives of three migrant drifters from Oklahoma become entangled as their past and present reaches boiling point in the Californian valley – but vengeance can only be served by one.

"Harvest of Rue" by Clemency Marlowe Marlowe

Sheltered Lilian Carstairs is invited to a jazz age party being hosted by local young aristocrat, Gideon Shelley, This is the story of the fallout of her rape and subsequent pregnancy. Neither of them possible for middle class girls in 1925 - at the very earliest dawn of the welfare state.

"Hands Stained with Flour" by Elizabeth Challinor

At the end of the brutal Spanish civil war, when a determined activist unveils Mother Superior’s plan to deport children from her convent-cum-prison, she is torn between saving her own daughter and her commitment to the mothers left behind.

"Freedom's Just Another Word..." by Len Joy

Jake Doyle's column was syndicated in 200 papers. But he fell in love with his intern and lost it all. Now he's a 20th century man trying to make it in the 21st century. When an ambitous publisher offers the job of a lifetime, Jake learns that not everyone has a price, but everything has a cost.